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Shwood Sunglasses

April 17th, 2011 | | | 2497 views by

Summer is just around the corner! With that comes barbecues, girls in bikinis, and sunglasses. Did we mention the girls in bikinis? Now take a few steps back for a moment, before you start hanging out with those girls in bikinis, (or even getting invited to barbecues) you’re going to want to make sure your eyewear steeze is correct.

With a little help from the boys at Swhood you can pick up a dope pair of sunglasses, without blowing your pockets out. Taking an unconventional approach to a few different sunglass designs, Shwood manages to execute one of a kind  styling with each pair. (as all of their products are created from various kinds of wood). Ranging from $98-$150, you can’t go wrong by starting your Summer off with a pair of these.