Look like a Ninja! Soap-Box “Shogun” Collection shogun shoot 4

Look like a Ninja! Soap-Box “Shogun” Collection

February 4th, 2011 | | | 2845 views by

I think we'd all agree with the statement that ninjas are COOL! On the whole, most things shinobi related are pretty awesome. “Afro Ninja” is one of the best YouTube videos of all time; “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is arguably the greatest pizza-eating-amphibian themed cartoon ever, and “Ninja Warrior” is the most insane sh*t I've ever seen in my life! Having said that, unfortunately some things that share this hallowed name are not quite as amazing. Anyone who has ever heard “Enter the Ninja” by South African rapper Die Antwoord, would most likely be of the same opinion. Another example of negative ninja naming would be “Power Rangers – Ninja Storm”. Why, oh why, would you go and taint one of the greatest kid's shows to ever grace the TV with some rubbish adaptation. Just so you know Bandai, as far as I'm concerned, the only Power Rangers were Mighty Morphin'.

But why am I talking so much about good and bad uses of the word ninja? Well, I wanted to demonstrate that not everything related to these dark destroyers is a success, but should you get it right, its mega pimp. That's where Soap-Box come in. The UK based label have just released their latest collection which is inspired by the cult film “Shogun Assassin”, and it definitely falls into the good category. The Shogun range features the ‘Lotus' tee, the ‘Light Armour Shirt JKT' and the ‘Shogun' varsity jacket (which is my personal favourite). Whilst the line doesn't make any direct references to the movie, it does feature some subtle details, such as pockets within pockets, which are perfect for concealing your throwing stars. All pieces are made from premium materials and the JKT and varsity use quality Italian fabrics which means women will find you sexy (even though the clothes are unisex and could be worn by a woman). I’d look so badass creeping through the shadows in this gear!

So if you love ninjas and cool clothes, you best take a little trip to the Soap-Box site and start ordering!