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Subcision is a DJ and producer from the wonderful city of Nottingham. He brings house, 4×4 garage and jungle into both his music and sets. Alongside him, producers Kam Tru and  Reaktor are members of the ‘Dirty Trainers’ label, the founder of which is Badmannerz CEO Ryan Mannerz. With a name like that on the bill, they are already far from the usual, pushing only House influenced Bass music to clubland. The team’s motto is to bring fresh, unheard talent to the mainstream audience to become more of a collective rather than a random group of artists, like so many groups these days.

In the upcoming months he is set to release his debut EP ‘Dirty Trainers’. I’m excited to see where this guy won’t go – or should I say won’t be heard – as thus far, he’s already caught the ears of MistaJam (BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra DJ) and Rinse Fm's Seb Chew, who recently stated â€œthe new [Subcision] EP is heavy! Been Getting a lot of sheepish glances over my shoulder at my Serato when I play Dirty Trainers J. The audience reaction has been Great!”

With Subsicion being such a big fan of the website, he has gone and hooked the team at AHOODIE and you lovely readers with one of the freshest and most exclusive mixes that I have heard in a while. With intense basslines, screw face wobbles and gun finger beats, it’s a great pre-drinks listen for a heavy night out, so go have a listen and download, maybe even check out what went down when I caught up with him earlier in the week.

So I've been doing my research on the meaning of ‘Subcision' (a process to treat deep rolling scars that have been left behind from ache or other skin  diseases) it seems very dark and random for the soulful, upbeat music you produce and  play out, so why did you call yourself Subcision?

Subcision came about from me forging two words Sub “Bottom heavy bass” and Incision “Cutting deep” so there is a deeper meaning and thought has gone into my name! Hopefully the google definition won’t sabotage me!

Has music always been a big part of your life? And what was the first ever album you was brought as a kid?

Music has always been a big part of my life, I’ve grown up surrounded by alot of reggae, dub, soul and rnb which I think has influenced my sound today. The first album I ever brought was ayia napa 97 absolute CLASSIC!

A little birdy told me that your were releasing numerous E.P's soon, when's the date so I can download mine?

As it stands there’s no confirmed dates for my forthcoming releases expect to see some action towards the end of March. I’ll make sure AHOODIE get the exclusive heads up as soon as we know!

Recently I’ve became extremely addicted to sour strawberry laces, what's your addiction?

Surprisingly the same but add some chocolate at the same time… Heaven!

Knowing that you like to spend time in the kitchen, if you had the AHOODIE team round for a dinner party, what would you rustle up for us all?

Hmmm…. Egg and cress sandwich sound like a plan? LOL!

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