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The calendar says Friday, which means it’s time for SoundCloud Roundup 199 and another playlist of the week’s biggest and baddest songs on the ‘Cloud. For this edition we’ve got a boat load of fresh heat for you. Hell, it’s more than an hour and a half of hits. Put those Red Bulls on ice and let’s chill…

The Life of Pablo remixes continue to fill our feed, so we’ve got BMB Spacekid kicking off SoundCloud Roundup 199 with a club-ready remix of “Wolves.” With a few added BPM, BMB makes one of the album’s standout tracks even better. DJ Dodger Stadium follows with a “Work” remix packed full of feels and sprawling production that works hand-in-hand with the rapid fire lyrics. This week’s cover boy Travis Scott makes his first appearance of the week on “Uber Everywhere,” which he reminds you is the original and not a remix like the countless versions floating all over the Internet.

If you want to talk about remixes that completely enhance the feel of the original, LXXK‘s “FML” remix is the standard. The heavy synth work makes the already-brilliant production even more powerful. It’s like a digital symphony comes into the track and completely wrecks shop in all the right ways. If you need a couple bangers, we’ve got heaters from AWE and Dr. Fresch sure to shatter some ear drums.

And if you’re in more of a “jams not bangers” kind of mindframe SoundCloud Roundup 199 has those too. You’ll find a slick collab from Ramriddlz and Zeus The Plug (damn that’s a great name) titled “Weekend” that’s the perfect way to kick off this Friday. We’re also following that up with the homey Jeff Brist‘s blend of the OVO remix of “2on” and “A Slow Night” from Basement Love. It’s lit. You’ll also catch a slick flip of “Sky’s The Limit” from Biggie courtesy of Australia’s finest Chiefs and Dugong Jr.

One of the big highlights of this playlist has to be the new Joey Badass track “Brooklyn’s Own.” The Statik Selektah beat is New York hip-hop in a nutshell. Don’t sleep on this. There’s so many great tracks this week that it’s hard to mention them all, but we can’t leave out Deebs rework of “Antidote.” The remix plays like a lullaby with sparkling highs leading you down the path of a beautiful three-minute dream. Deebs so rare. Deebs so based.

Some other can’t-miss-cuts this week come from all-stars like Paces, Heroes x Villains, Blu J and Star Slinger, whose “Low Key” remix features the Manchester producer at the top of his game. If you need some soulful instrumentals to keep you warm at the end of winter, Flamingosis and Ka-Yu have you covered with support from starRo. Don’t miss out on “Milk,” because it’s got mushroom power courtesy of Super Mario.

That’s all for SoundCloud Roundup 199. Look for us back here again with the 200th edition? 200? SERIOUZLY??