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It took us an extra week to prepare, but SoundCloud Roundup 200 has finally arrived. Because it’s not every day that you reach 200 freaking playlists, we’re doing something bigger and better than ever. To keep it 200, we’ve got TWO playlists this week. The first is a massive, 120-track affair that spans seven and a half hours! We went through Roundups 101-199 and picked our favorites songs for a greatest hits playlist. BUT we couldn’t ignore this week’s latest cuts, so we’ve also got a typical “best of the week” Roundup in here too. In total we’ve got nine hours of music here. Do you have any plans? Let’s start with the greatest hits

SoundCloud Roundup 200 “Greatest Hits 101-199″

When you’ve got 120 songs and seven-plus hours of cuts in SoundCloud Roundup 200 where do you start? It’s simple. We come straight from the bottom to the top…lifestyle. You’ll find that Rich Gang cut that dominated 2014 kicking things off before we run through at least one track from every Roundup from 101-199. The first 65 tracks were arranged to have a flow like usual, but after that things get random and we cover all the bases. We’ve got appearances from all your Roundup All-stars from Future to Figgy. We also keep things mixed up so that this playlist isn’t simply a throwback. You’ll find recent tracks like “Panda,” mixed alongside classics like Chet Faker‘s panty dropping cover of “No Diggity.”

Consider this greatest hits playlist our special gift to you. We have just as much putting these playlists together as you do listening. So thanks for hanging around for the past 200 weeks. Now let’s check out the best songs of the week in our SECOND Roundup of the week.

SoundCloud Roundup 200 “The Best of the Week”

The second half of SoundCloud Roundup 200 kicks off with one of the standouts from Young Thug‘s new Slime Season 3 album. It’s finally here, and it’s litaf. You might remember “With Them” if you peeped Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 show stream in February. The lean vibes continue with the Roundup return of Cavalier and his pseudo Thug/Uzi/Static Major tribute. If you’re fienin’ the release of Views From the 6, we’ve got Partynextdoor and Drake teaming up on “Come and See Me,” which is a certified panty dropper.

The homie Djemba Djemba also pops into this special edition with a remix of the DJ Mustard and Travis Scott collab, “Whole Lotta Lovin.” While the original was just trashy “EDM” with a slick hook, Djemba Djemba carves out a genius audio niche for the track. We’re talking violins and all sorts of classy shit here people.

If you were on the fence about Lil Yachty, we’ve got a track that will change your tune. “No Hook” is the perfect intro to this emcee that blends the stylings of Thugger with elements of Yung Lean’s sound for a sonic soup that fresh to death. The guest verse from Quavo of Migos doesn’t hurt either.

With the passing of Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest we had to include a mini-tribute to the legendary emcee. We’ve got remixes of “1nce Again” and “Can I Kick It” on deck alongside golden era instrumentals from Carmack and Soulstruck, who stays holding down the Canadian instrumental hip-hop scene.

Hopefully these are enough new tunes to keep you satisfied for the time being. Thanks for stopping by for SoundCloud Roundup 200. It’s an honor. Did we do well? Let’s see what Travolta thinks…