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While we all mourn the loss of the legend Prince, the SoundCloud Roundup is here to soothe your soul. Naturally we’ve got a Prince tribute in the mix as well as a hefty dose of Roundup all-star Mr. Carmack. Why? Press play, and read along to find out. We got you.

UPDATE 3:08 PM PDT – Because SoundCloud fucking sucks to all hell now, this edition of the Roundup is scarred forever. In less than 48 hours the suede denim secret police managed to get Carmack’s new account suspended/deleted/who fucking cares because it’s not there now. This resulted in SoundCloud Roundup 203 being cut from 25 to 17 tracks within just a few hours after I hit publish. Needless to say SoundCloud can eat shit and die. Enjoy what’s left below, but know this playlist was INFINITELY better with 8 more tracks. Soundcloud, not a good look gents. Not a good look.

A few weeks ago we notice that Mr. Carmack had cleared his SoundCloud of all its music. We figured this was probably due to the typical SoundCloud “three strikes” fuckery, but it turns out he had something bigger in store. Come yesterday, he relaunched an all new SoundCloud account complete with more than 50 tracks. Because we rarely (read: never) get that much heat in one week, we had to make this SoundCloud Roundup a special edition.

What you’ll find in this week’s playlist is 10+ tracks of Mr. Carmack heat from his new Yellow EP as well as a couple loosies. Some of the tracks we’ve heard in various forms before, but this ish is completely remastered and ready to bruise your speakers. But don’t think there’s nothing but bangers here. We’ve got jams rife with the feels to remind you exactly why he’s the best. It’s a full spectrum people.

In addition to all the Mr. Carmack tracks, we’ve got new new from Viceroy, Promnite, Baauer and more. We’re also welcoming new talents like goopsteppa whose PartyWave remix will immediately turn you into a fan. It’s that medicine bass and goopsteppa is handing out the prescriptions this week. Just don’t miss Skream’s Prince tribute “All the Critics Love U In New York.” Salute. We’ll never forget the original purple don.