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Just in time for Friday the 13th comes SoundCloud Roundup 204. After taking some time off to let the ‘Cloud recharge following the fuckery of Roundup 203, we’ve got 20+ tracks on deck to feed the soul. With summer around the corner we’ve got plenty of jams perfect for a road trip or some poolside fun. You know how this goes. We’ve done this a fewwwww times by now. Hit play.

While today marks the drop for SoundCloud Roundup 204, it’s also the release date for Chance The Rapper‘s Coloring Book mixtape. He’s been on a hot streak since The Life of Pablo release, so we had to bring you a taste of the tape with the 2 Chainz and Weezy collabo “No Problem.” Before we slide into that we’ve got two of Soulection’s best leading things off. Sam Gellaitry kicks things into gear with his brilliant remix of Outkast’s “Da Art of Storytellin'” while esta. remixes The Code’s “Loving You.”

If you need some new producers and artists to follow, SoundCloud Roundup 204 has plenty of fresh faces this time around. Be on the lookout for the Quix remix of “After Hours” that’s all groove everything. We’re also introducing swell whose “Uber Everywhere” remix is the leader of the pack — by a mile. Some other new talent featured this week includes Aryay with a dope “One Dance” remix as well as the UK’s Twogood. Get familiar with all these names because we’ll be seeing them in a future Roundup for sure.

Some other highlights of 204 include Evil Needle breaking us off on an MJ remix filled with those Soulection vibes. Tim Legend and Jarreau Vandal are also in the mix with tracks so good you’ll immediately ask yourself, “What’s This?” Just don’t overlook Ezra‘s #mood remix of A$AP Rocky’s “Wassup.” It’s a haunted masterpiece. Just in case you need some feels — and we know you do — look out for slow jams from Kehlani, Zimmer, Majid Jordan and jmac.

Enjoy SoundCloud Roundup 204 and look for us back here in two weeks. We’re going bi-weekly with the Roundup now to try and make sure we’ve got plenty of heat to bring you. With the ‘Cloud slowly dying and more songs and mixes getting taken down at a rapid pace, it feels like it can be slim pickins sometime. And you never know, if there’s an avalanche of dope music we might just hit you with a surprise Roundup here and there.