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damn B

Although the temperatures outside are cooling down, the SoundCloud Roundup is just heating up. This week had some serious soul in it as well as our mix of trunk rattlers and booty shakers. Translation: this is going to be one helluva week. Now hit the play button below and follow along with the descriptions because the two-minute drill starts now.

1. Beyonce – Check On It (XXYYXX Remix) Maybe it was the news about a new Beyonce album dropping before the Super Bowl or maybe it was signing with one of the biggest agencies in the world, Windish, but our boy Marcel aka XXYYXX laced SoundCloud up with this ‘Check On It’ remix, and we ’bout that life. It’s short and sweet, which is the perfect way to start off this Roundup. And just keep in mind that XXYYXX can’t even vote yet.

2. WatchTheDuck – Poppin’ Off If any of you fuck with the only MTV channel left that strictly plays videos, MTV Jams, then you’ve probably caught the video for ‘Poppin’ Off’ from Atlanta’s WatchTheDuck. If not, WTD is a collective of artists from Atlanta combining the sounds of electronic music, namely dubstep, with a soulful sound that screams “we in the dirty.” ‘Poppin’ Off’ has blown up in the past few months, and we felt it was particularly relevant for this week’s Roundup — one that you might just find packed to the gills with soul.

3. NastyNasty – VIRUS Somehow this is the first appearance for the Bay Area’s NastyNasty in the Roundup and we’re not sure what took so long. Not only is he one funnyass dude on Twitter, but he’s been a name in the Bay and around the US for a few years now. No matter what the delay, we bring you ‘VIRUS’ which is almost down right scary. The synths and highs sound like something from a Metal Gear Solid game while the bass paints a picture of a post-apocalyptic hospital and you’re just trying to escape. Sounds a lot like The Walking Dead doesn’t it? “ACT LIKE YOU AIN’T DOWN WITH ZOMBIES” Free download here.

4. Night Drugs & Kool Clap – Bounty Now we’re going to change the pace from murder music back to that soulful shit we were just talking about earlier. We’ve followed Paris’ Kool Clap as long as we’ve been on SoundCloud but, with help from Night Drugs, homeboy is just now making his Roundup debut with ‘Bounty.’ It’s a funky track that’s perfect to start your weekend as you practice your moves in the mirror. We’ve seen you, and we aren’t tellin’ anyone. With Kool Clap, Andrea and now Night Drugs all up in our eardrums the past few months there’s got to be something going on in France we don’t know about, right? Ideas?

5. Shlohmo – The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix) The track is just Roundup vet on Roundup vet in the least creepy way possible. LA’s RL Grime decided to tackle Shlohmo’s track ‘The Way U Do” and instead of the usual trap slapper we’ve heard from RL Grime before, we get this sex’d up remix that shows panty grease is just as important in your daily diet as water. The tempo is slow and the highs twist and turn to morph this remix into an instant favorite. Wouldn’t you agree? Free download here.

6. Bondax – FADER Mix The previous tracks ought to have you warmed up by now, which will be quintessential in handling this mix for FADER from UK youngsters Bondax. You may be surrounded by snow right now, but this mix will melt you away to the oasis with a mix of house, broken beat and just all around dope tracks. Fuck a genre, this mix is just 30 minutes of feel-good, dance heavy numbers that get us moving so much it’s hard to write this and listen to it at the same damn time (no Future). This is a house party in the palm of your hand, so head over to FADER and grab a free download…NOW.

7. Roses Gabor – ‘Night Sky’ (Radio Edit) We’re hoping you’ve saved a little energy for some “intergalactic fuck music” because ‘Night Sky’ from London’s Roses Gabor is all of that and then some. Futuristic, downtemp production takes ‘Night Sky’ into a realm of r&b that’s almost undeniable to any ear when complimented with Gabor’s Aaliyah-esque vocals. This track is going to be huge, so tell your friends to gather ’round because you’re about to put them up on game.

BOOM. Another Roundup. Another face melted. And because it’s this author’s birthday today, I’m feeling soooo generous, enjoy this BONUS Roundup cut. It’s a sex’d up trap’d out remix of Jeremih’s ‘Birthday Sex’ from Yarin Lidor straight out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Niiiiiiiiiice.