SOUNDCLOUD ROUNDUP: 40 CHRISTMAS EDITION ahoodie roundup 40 xmas edition


December 21st, 2012 | | | 1404 views by

We could have gone two ways with this week’s Roundup. Either theme it out for Christmas, OR we just go “end of the world mode” and say ‘fuck it. let’s get rich or die Mayan.’ ZING. But seeing as how we’re still here, and you’re reading this, we’re going Christmas mode. So don’t put away the brandy and egg nog quite yet because we’ve got a set of tracks that will get you hype in the holiday spirit. Peep the tracks below and hold on. “Hallelujah. Holy Shit.”

1. The XX – Last Christmas After posting ‘Elves Got That Good Good’ last week, we’d figured SoundCloud might have been tapped out of Christmas-related tracks that aren’t just some “Home Alone Dubstep Remix” bullshit. Turns out we were wrong. While visiting BBC’s Radio1 Live Lounge last week, our nominee for Best Artist, The XX, played this awesome cover of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas.’ Not only is the track the perfect way to get this Roundup going, but it’s actually some of the coolest holiday music we’ve heard in a while. All of those awesome things you love about The XX are present, and if you’re covering George Michael; can you really go wrong?

2. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Memorecks Live Remix) This remix was so BAWSE that we had to rip the audio from YouTube and then post it to our own SoundCloud account just so we could share it with all of you AHOODERS. What we have here is a live remix of  Nas’ classic performed by Toronto’s Memorecks aka James Peck LIVE by triggering samples from ableton and using effects mapped with the Akai MPD26. Basically, this remix is about as on-the-fly as it gets. Plus the beat he creates a nice take on the original with a very ’90s-era vibe. If it still doesn’t make sense, peep the YouTube video below of Memorecks busting this one down live.

3. Raja – Fly (Exhale) In case you’d forgotten, we featured New York’s Raja shortly after the death of hip-hop legend MCA from The Beastie Boys. His track ‘Floating Up’ was the perfect tribute to a fallen hero. Now Raja is back in the SoundCloud Roundup, and this time under much less melancholy conditions. ‘Fly (Exhale)’ is a gritty instrumental that reminds us of Rza’s productions from the original days of the Wu-Tang Clan. Granted there are a few choice samples from Method Man in the track, which may have swayed our vision, but once that disconnected piano beat comes through you’ll be taken riiiiiiight back to the Shaolin Island, trust. Killa Bees. 10304. SI, NY.

4.  oOoOO – GROWNUP Today marks the Roundup debut for the mysterious San Francisco producer known as oOoOO (pronounced ‘oh’). It’s a futuristic take on Danny Brown’s hit ‘Grown Up,’ and it’s a fresh take on this track some have called “quintessential Danny Brown” (we’ll assume Danny Brown would probably laugh that one off). The drum breaks are hard and the synth crawls across track with just enough bleeps and bloops thrown in to make this some truly future shit. While most publications would call this sound “witch house” we have no idea what the hell that’s even supposed to mean. So we’ll just say it’s future. If you’re feeling ‘GROWNUP’ as much as us, then check out the rest of oOoOO’s EP Our Loving Is Hurting Us right here.

5. A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (feat. Skrillex) Here’s your slapper for the week. In case you’ve been held up in your doomsday shelter waiting for the ‘Geddon, you probably know that A$AP Rocky’s album Long.Live.A$AP recently leaked almost a month before its release date. While we’d always recommend you support your favorite artists by purchasing their music, it’s worked out nicely this week as we got a chance to see what all the buzz was about. When the tracklist dropped a few weeks back, a feature from Skrillex definitely caught everyone’s eye — and for good reason. ‘Wild For The Night’ is exactly what you’d think it is, a bass’d up rager that’s sure to have you ready to get in a fight this weekend. While we don’t often support Skrillex and his homogenized dubstep beats, ‘Wild For The Night’ isn’t too heavy on the “gnar factor” and we ain’t mad. But Zack, where can I get a copy of Long.Live.A$AP? Pretty sure it’s called GOOGLE.

6. Miguel – How Many Drinks (Figgy Remix) First of all, we swear that East Coast producer Figgy does more than just Miguel remixes. It just so happens though that he’s dialed in with the hipster crooner and knows his way around a pitched up remix. If you’ll recall in Roundup: 25 ‘Adorn’ was the base for the remix, whereas this time it’s the dance happy track ‘How Many Drinks.’ And because we’ve already got your blood flowing with the previous track from A$AP, it was the perfect time to pick up the tempo with this house’d up remix. If you’re planning on gorging yourself on food for Christmas, you’re going to need this to sweat those pounds off. Just sayin…

7. Kap10 – 121212 San Francisco’s Kap10 last made an appearance in the Roundup with the dance-heavy mix ‘Summer Beez’ and now he’s back with a rager and a half. ‘121212’ isn’t just an awesome name for a mix, it’s an awesome mix in general. Kap10 keeps the tempo high throughout with choice cuts like a Krystal Klear remix of Telephoned as well as an appearance from our boy Sweater Beats with the knocker ‘MLLN DLLR’ (which you might remember). Did we mention there’s a house remix of Frank Ocean’s ‘Pyramids’ thrown in there? If you’re like us and having a Christmas/End of the World party tonight, you’re going to need to throw this one on. It’s 38 minutes of dance floor destruction. If you’re ready to get funky as hell and shake your ass, grab the free download here.

So there’s your Christmas Roundup AHOODERS. Stay with us next week and we bring you even more hot shit sure to send you in to 2013 with class.