SOUNDCLOUD ROUNDUP: 41 NEW YEAR’S EDITION Two women toast as fireworks explode dur


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2012 is almost over and that means you’re reading the last SoundCloud Roundup of the year. And because we like to end things on a raucous note, this Roundup will be the soundtrack to your own outrageous New Year’s Eve. It’s packed full of slappers that are sure to make you feel like a ganksta, and that’s what New Year’s is really all about: acting a fool. So crank up this Roundup and get ready to go dumb. Just don’t get arrested. We’ll need you back here for next week when we set the tone for a 2013 that’s sure to be even bigger and badder than the last.

1. Wale – The Blessings In case our feature of ‘Freedom of Speech’ in the Thanksgiving Edition of the Roundup didn’t clue you in that Wale’s Folarin mixtape would be banger status, then ‘The Blessings’ will. Produced by LG, ‘The Blessings’ has the tone of an uptempo night in the streets that reminds us of ‘Miami Nights’ from the Ambition album. If you’re looking to go bossmode for on NYE, this might just be the perfect start to your night. Actually we take that back, it IS the perfect start for your NYE. Make sure you grab Folarin for free right here.

2. Kaytranada – Holy Hole In A Donut And here comes the slappers. While the last time we featured Montreal’s Kaytranada, it was more of a mellow Janet Jackson remix, ‘Holy Hole In A Donut’ is anything but mellow. This is expected to appear on his his debut EP, and we’re liking what we’re hearing so far. ‘Holy Hole’ is a slow, purposeful track that plays into the sounds of trap while retaining its own distinct sound. Considering you’ll probably spend the end of 2012 mean muggin’ fools on the dancefloor like you’re 2 Chainz, ‘Holy Hole In A Donut’ is perfect to get you in that “ride or die” mindset.

3. Mr. Carmack – Drop (Get Silenced) Aaron Carmack aka Mr. Carmack is a Hawaiian-born producer who’s done nothing but impress us for the past month. When he isn’t producing melancholy downtempo that’s sure to give you chills, he’s covering all the popular bases in electronic music these days, namely more of that trap shit. We said we were going to end 2012 with some slappers, right?  And ‘Drop (Get Silenced)’ is certainly a Compton-approved classic. Minimal on the vocals, but heavy on the knock, we felt ‘Drop’ was the perfect way to get your feet wet in the water of Mr. Carmack to end 2012. Expect more from Mr. Alohoa in 2013.

4. Waka Flocka – No Hands (CRNKN Remix) What do we do when one of the biggest tracks of 2012 gets the trap remix treatment via Roundup Vet CRNKN? Well we feature it in the Roundup and throw all of you AHOODERS into a frenzy is the answer. A preview of this huge remix dropped on SoundCloud last week and we almost featured it then just because it hits so hard. It’s a good thing patience pays off because now we’ve got the full version here with a free download taboot. Although ‘No Hands’ isn’t exactly the newest track on the block, this remix gives it just enough life to shine for those brief moments as we kiss 2012 good bye and pucker up for a 2013 packed full of excitement.

5.  NastyNasty – Blind Samurai If the Roundup so far has prepared you for those fateful moments leading up to the end of 2012, then ‘Blind Samurai’ from NastyNasty is the way we start 2013 in full-on freakshow mode. ‘Blind Samurai’ creeps, crawls and bubbles up in that patented way only NastyNasty can bring to the table. Honestly, the track sounds kind of like the way we’re going to feel once we reach the wee hours of the night and we’re half dehydrated from champagne and possibly even a little pie eye’d. No matter what’s your poison, ‘Blind Samurai’ will quench that thirst and have you back on the dance floor creeping people out cashin’ out like it was May all over again. Don’t forget the free download above either.

6. Tyga – 187 (feat. Rick Ross) Here’s one helluva West Coast banger. Even though Tyga is a little bitch from The Valley (of course he denies it) the latest leak from his Spring 2013 album, ‘187,’ knocks. The beat is a nice flip of the Dr. Dre classic ‘Deep Cover’ and features another rapper with a “cloudy” past, Rick Ross. Whether either of them is more or less authentic than flea market Jordans is of no concern to us. A hot track is a track and ‘187’ is just that. Be on the lookout for Hotel California dropping in Spring. We’ll keep you posted.

7. Cassie – Me & U (Kool Clap Miramont Skyline Edit) If we’re talking New Year’s Eve, then there’s the inevitable point in the night where you’re faded enough that everything just turns to rainbows and puppies. You know what we mean. And that’s where this smooth remix of Cassie’s only banger ‘Me & U’ comes in. Paris’ Kool Clap knows how to bring the sexy, if you’ll recall from Roundup: 38, and that’s what we have here. A little bit house, a little bit retro this is the perfect post-midnight track to play when you want to find your girl and get to rubbin’ her like you’re starting a fire. Just make sure you grab a room. We ain’t tryin’ to see you go “spring break” mode in front of everyone.

8. Frank Ocean  – Wiseman While the previous tracks prepared you for a wild New Year’s night, this track from Frank Ocean is for your inevitable hangover and self-remorse on New Year’s Day. Yes, your head may feel like it’s the size of a watermelon and your brain is but a ping pong ball bouncing around the empty space, but Frank Ocean is here for ya. ‘Wiseman’ is more of that huge, sincere R&B sound we’ve come to expect from Ocean. Originally the track was part of the Django Unchained soundtrack, but it didn’t make the cut. We’re not sure why, but when there’s new music from Frank Ocean out there, you won’t find us complaining. Just make sure you bring us some sunglasses and advil. Last night was mad real.