SOUNDCLOUD ROUNDUP: 46 Too $hort (Todd Anthony Shaw) with the late-Eazy-E(Eric Wright)


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Welcome back to another SoundCloud Roundup AHOODERS. This week we’re starting off this bitch straight West Coastin’ with a slapper from Salva that will make you want to bust out some Dickies and a pair of Chuck Taylors with the quickness. But that’s not all. We’ve got another melting pot style Roundup coming at that ass with a wide range of sounds sure to keep you occupied for the next hour, so put your phone on vibrate. We’re not taking any calls right now.

1. Salva – Drop That B Considering Salva has called LA home for the past few years, we should have seen this coming. The man you most certainly remember from that insane ‘Mercy’ remix with RL Grime we featured lightyears ago is back again with a quirky flip on Eazy-E’s ‘Boyz In The Hood’ to yield what we’re simply calling a West Coast banger. Be on the lookout for a shitload of other hot beats via Salva’s Odd Furniture EP coming soon.

2. Curren$y – Choosin (feat. Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa) With a new mixtape, New Jet City, dropping sooner than you can think, it’s no surprise Curren$y is making his second appearance in two weeks in the Roundup. This time he recruits the boss Ricky Rozay to throw in some ‘lifestyle’ verses over production that feels like the movie Scarface condensed in a four minute and 20 second package (btw we see what you did there Spitta). And don’t think we forgot Wiz who actually stepped up to the plate this time, which doesn’t surprise us given the present company. Stick with Ahoodie for more about New Jet City.

3. Two Fresh – Tip Your Glass Colorado’s Two Fresh just released a free EP, Watch This!, and if you enjoy a wide range of beats from trap to hip-hop and even some of that purple A$AP shit, then you need to grab a copy right here.  Because we’re ridin so hard for the EP over here, we wanted to feature ‘Tip Your Glass’ which we feel rides the border between space and trap in all the right ways. Now have a couple drinks and stop descriminatin’

4. Kaytranada – Live For The Funk Mix Two things: Yes, Live For The Funk has a hellafied series of mixes going — in case two LFTF mixes in two weeks hadn’t clued you in. And second, Montreal’s Kaytranada is niiiiice. You’re sure to remember ‘Holy Hole Inna Donut’ from our special New Year’s Eve Roundup and we’re stoked to bring you more from this 20-year-old beat baron right from the home of Ahoodie itself. This LFTF mix is a perfect sampling of every range of sound from the funky, shake-that-ass shit, on to some snap-your-neck bangers and beyond. We’re on Team Kaytranada. It’s time you join. Free download above.

5. Lapti – Private Private The Tundra beats are back! Actually, Moscow’s Lapti lives nowhere near the tundra AND ‘Private Private’ is best describe as fuck beats versus tundra beats. An old-school bassline and some seriously deep soul samples make ‘Private Private’ the perfect track for us to feature as we’ve only got two weeks left until Valentine’s Day — and you’ll need to stock up on the fuck beats, trust.

6. Morri$ – Ladyboy Morri$ knows how to hit the ladies right in the kill zone. We already featured his “tribute” to Rashida Jones (we love you baby) in Roundup: 19 and he’s back with another babymaker, ‘Ladyboy.’ The beat has a late night feel with a slow tempo and sexy synths just begging to be the music at your next hot tub party. Actually, it’s probably time for you to bookmark this Roundup, find some “friends,” grab a hotel with a hot tub and make some mistakes. We won’t tell.

7. Nosaj Thing – Try (feat. Toro Y Moi) You already know Toro Y Moi released a new album recently, but what you might not have known is that LA’s Nosaj Thing also released an album, Home, the same day. To give a little dap to the excellent release, we bring you ‘Try’ a somewhat minimal, somewhat ambient track that’s taken to all sorts of level via some well-placed ‘oohs’ and beautiful piano work from Toro Y Moi. If music is therapy, then this is a trip to a soothing place. You’ll see.

8. Giraffage – Close 2 Me Considering we’ve had quite a few ‘repeat offenders’ in this week’s Roundup, it’s only fitting to finish it with Giraffage, who also closed out our Roundup last week. What makes this interesting is the way ‘Close 2 Me’ features a completely different side of the SF producer. Similar to the more downtempo tracks we’ve featured from Giraffage waaaaaaay back — aka last summer — ‘Close 2 Me’ is a slow roller with some sexy vocals to yield another track you might want to file away for ole “Mary Jane Rotten Crotch and the Homecoming Fuck Fantasy” come Valentine’s Day.

Yeah we just dead’d that shit on some Mary Jane Rotten Crotch action. #Justsayin. See you next week.

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