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February 15th, 2013 | | | 1140 views by

Now that you’ve spent your Valentine’s Day showing and making love to your love, it’s time to return to your first priority: fresh beats. This week’s Roundup is another gasser complete with some more Roundup debuts and maybe even a Soulja Boy cover. Yes, you read that right AHOODERS. What are you waiting for? We’ve got hot tracks coming out the woodwork this week.

1. Paris 96 – Afternoon This is conclusive proof that supergroups are all the rage these days. We’ve already touched on TNGHT and J.E.T.S., but this latest collaboration is less electronic and much more harmonic. Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III aren’t just two of the hottest names in hip-hop/r&b these days, they’re also longtime friends. Back when the two were working their way up they recorded a few tracks together, but didn’t develop the project further. Fast forward a few years and they’re back together as Paris 96 and have a debut EP on the way in April. ‘Afternoon’ is the first track from Paris 96 produced by Roundup alum Xaphoon Jones, and it’s got a heavy dose of soul while keeping the forward-thinking production we’ve come to expect from Theophilus and Boykins. Free download above.

2. Purity Ring – Grammy (Soulja Boy & Ester Dean Cover) Ever since we caught Beach House melt minds at Coachella 2010 with a laidback cover of Gucci Mane’s ‘Lemonade’ we’ve been intrigued by these cross-genre covers. Today brings us more of that ‘odd couple’ mix with Canada’s Purity Ring putting down a smashing cover of Soulja Boy’s track ‘Grammy.’ While we’re the first to admit that Soulja Boy is the king of clown shoes, this cover from Purity Ring is NICE. THe 808 kicks are hard and Megan James’ voice works well with both Soulja and Ester Dean’s parts. Let’s hope there’s more quirky covers like this from Purity Ring in the future.

3. Dirty Burners – Propulsion This is the point in the Roundup where we bring back that old school, late ’90s big beat vibe courtesy of Philadelphia’s Dirty Burners. The Dirty Burners are a combination of DJs Personify and Case Bloom who are bringing the “dance” back to dance floor one track at a time. ‘Propulsion’ has a distinct party vibe that hearkens back to some of our favorite productions from Fatboy Slim. The horns are sexy, the samples are classic and the beat is bouncing. What more do you need? How about a free download above? Make sure you hit up Dirty Burners’ SoundCloud if you’re looking for some more booty shaking action.

4. Falcons x Mike G – OH! (Ciara Remix) As we learned in Roundup: 37, LA’s Falcons know how to bring the sexy to a remix, and with help from Mike G we’ve got another dose of that this week. Ciara’s ‘Oh!’ is the base for this remix that drops the tempo just enough to get your head nodding with the quickness. You might also recognize the ‘It Takes Two’ sample in this remix that might have even poked its head out in the previous Dirty Burners track, too. But it’s not too surprising when you consider ‘It Takes Two’ might be one of the most used samples in hip-hop. Lucky for us, it’s just that good. Apparently there’s a download of this remix coming soon. We’ll keep you posted.

5. Sweater Beats – My Gvrl Valentine’s marked the release of some seriously sexy tracks — as you’d expect — and the Young Love/Heartbreak Vol. 3 EP from Sweater Beats and Morri$ might have been the best of the bunch. It’s a five-track EP that’s perfect if you’re looking to get it in even after Valentine’s (you did put in all that work after all). ‘My Gvrl’ was our favorite track on the release with that patented sexy bounce that we’ve caught from Sweater Beats time and time again. With nowhere to go but up for Sweater Beats and Morri$, we can guarantee you’ll be hearing from them again. Free download above, and you can grab the entire Young Love/Heartbreak Vol. 3 EP for free too.

6. Big KRIT & 9th Wonder – Reign On As part of the ‘Reign On’ series from Crown Royal, Big KRIT and producer extraordinaire 9th Wonder linked up on ‘Reign On,’ which dose a brilliant flip of The O’Jays’ classic ‘For The Love Of Money’ to yield a reinvented classic. KRIT’s flow is on point, as always, in ‘Reign On’ and even though the track was commissioned by a mainstream liquor label, we’re pleased with the results. And if there’s more tracks like this to come then we won’t mind one bit as series like Crown Royal’s Reign On and Adidas’ Songs From Scratch continue to churn out quality material that doesn’t feel like a three minute commercial. Free download above.

7. Mimosa – LFTD Los Angeles’ Mimosa just released his free EP Future Trill this week (grab a download for free here) and while we haven’t always agreed with the changes in his sound over the past five years, there’s no denying that Future Trill has some heaters like ‘LFTD.’ Not too heavy on the gnar/trap and not too light on the synth work that made us fans in the first place, ‘LFTD’ is a great example that Mimosa’s still got some tricks up his sleeve — as long as he keeps his shirt on. We felt ‘LFTD’ was the best way to give you a taste of this album that features a little bit of everything depending on your tastes — even a little chainsaw bass. But don’t say we didn’t warn you once you chew off your cheeks. Free download above.

Which tracks are your favorites this week? Let us know in the comments and be ready for next week, which is sure to be some serious sh!t — as always.