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It’s officially March now, which means the snow and rain can kindly shove off as we prepare for spring with a tropical take on our weekly SoundCloud Roundup. In case the title hadn’t clued you in, we’re celebrating the big 5-0 this week, and we’re juuuuuust a little more than excited for this week’s selections which range from dub to trap to future R&B and beyond. But what’s new? It’s the SoundCloud Roundup. Let’s do this.

1. Hot Chip – Look At Where We Are (Major Lazer Extended Remix) Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The bad news is that Major Lazer‘s anticipated album has been delayed. The good news is that in its wake, we’ve been laced up with the Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 1 EP and it’s got four tracks of that dub trap fusion sound that makes everyone get crazy for a little Mayjah Layzah. This remix of Hot Chip is no exception. It opens with a decidedly dubby feeling but gives way to some of trappage that’s sure to snap your neck. Grab the Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 1 EP here.

2. heRobust x gLAdiator – We Are First of all, heRobust and gLAdiator don’t really care about using capital letters. Seriously though, you already know both of these names from previous Roundups and the knockers they’ve blessed us with. This week brings us the first collaboration between the two, ‘We Are’ and it’s nothing but a certified electronic banger. The beat is minimal and smashing with samples of Juicy J and 2 Chainz sprinkled in enough to break up the beat and make you feel like you could knock out Manny Pacquiao. Just don’t hurt anyone when you’re wylin’ to ‘We Are.’

3. Hit-Boy – TU (feat. Audio Push, Problem & Juicy J) We all know Hit-Boy knows how to craft bangers like ‘…In Paris’ and ‘Backseat Freestyle’ and it looks like his next massive knee buckler is here. While we won’t pretend to have even the slightest clue what ‘TU’ means, we know it’s a slappin azz track with surprisingly strong verses from Audio Push and Problem. Of course Juicy J puts it down during his verse, but that guy’s so hot right now that we can’t say we’re surprised. Let’s just hope Hit-Boy’s full length album comes sooner than later because he seems to have the rap game figured out right now.

4. AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies Much like the way Jessie Ware and Tinashe burst into our ears and on to the digital pages of Roundup in 2012 comes AlunaGeorge in 2013. While technically this British duo has on the grind for a number of years, the buzz is getting to thick you can taste it. Aluna Francis’ vocals are sharp and her voice carries enough peculiarity to stand out in a see of producer singer duos. And the production from George Reid isn’t too shabby either. ‘Attracting Flies’ is danceable and fun, which makes it a perfect candidate for this Roundup as we try to slip you away to the oasis for at least 30 minutes. Look for ‘Attracting Flies’ EVERYWHERE in the coming months.

5. Azealia Banks – Barely Legal (Strokes Cover) One bad b!tch deserves another right? Which brings us to the Roundup return of our girl Azealia Banks. While Banks has come under scrutiny recently for being too one dimensional and shallow, we think everyone should have a couple drinks and stop discriminating (Thanks Luda). This latest cover of The Strokes’ 2001 classic ‘Barely Legal‘ showcases exactly why we have and will continue to ride hard for Azealia. The cover isn’t a direct rehash of the original, which is commendable in its own right, but it’s the synth work that turned ‘Barely Legal’ from a rocker to a futuristic tale of love. Azealia, keep doin’ ya thing girl. We got you.

6. Big K.R.I.T. – Shine On (feat. Bun B) If you’re as excited as we are for KRIT‘s upcoming mixtape King Remembered In Time as we are, then ‘Shine On’ couldn’t have come at a better time. The KRIT produced beat is as smoothe as ever with a bubbly drum break that’s some of the classiest ish we’ve heard out of the south since Bun B’s last album Trill OG. Did we mention that ‘Shine On’ features Mr. Woodgrain, Bun B? Yeah, ‘Shine On’ is just that hot. Now do you see why we’re counting the days until we can grab a copy of King Remembered In Time? Free download above.

7. Two Fresh – ALOHA (ft. Purple Monk, Miyagi) As if we’d go tropical mode for our 50th edition of the Roundup and not leave you with some lay-in-the-hammock-and-burn-L’s music. And that’s what brings us to ‘Aloha’ from Colorado’s Two Fresh. These twin brothers were featured in Roundup: 46 with the party cut ‘Tip Your Glass,’ and now they’re back showing us they can produce a wide rang of sounds including this laid-back cut ‘Aloha.’ The track also features Purple Monk and Miyagi of the group ZIGGURAT. While Purple Monk and Miyagi are riding Das Racist’s coattails with their verses, the end result is still a tropical cut that takes us back to the balmy shores of Montego Bay. Free download above.

There’s you 50th SoundCloud Roundup AHOODERS so let’s celebrate. Throw on your snuggie and let’s RAISE THE FUGGIN ROOF. Holla.