Are You Rocking A Spring Breakers Unicorn Ski Mask Yet? Spring Breakers Ski Mask

Are You Rocking A Spring Breakers Unicorn Ski Mask Yet?

April 23rd, 2013 | | | 7197 views by

Spring Break may only cover a few weeks on the calendar but the lasting effect of Harmony Korine’s drug-fuelled, boner-inducing movie continues to rumble on. Since seeing the film I’ve been unable to get the image of the seductive female cast in their bikinis and ski masks out of my head. There’s something about the striking contrast of summer and winter wear that is so very appealing and it appears I am not the only one to think so.

Opening Ceremony have decided to cash in on Spring Breakers’ success by releasing a collaborative capsule collection, with the standout item being the pink unicorn balaclava. What is it about having your face completely covered that makes you want to be a badass and bang Riff Raff James Franco in a swimming pool? That or go skiing.

It’s proving to be a pretty popular item with plenty of fans snapping themselves wearing one on Instagram, including Piff Gang’s Don Silk. Chart topping, pop skinhead Jessie J was also papped wearing one whilst perusing the Opening Ceremony store.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet I implore you to do so as it’s not only a great watch but also a cheaper alternative to Viagra.

The Unicorn Ski Mask is available now from Opening Ceremony stores in LA, New York and London (coke and Uzis not included).