Star Wars x adidas Originals 2011 Fall/Winter Collection wampa

Star Wars x adidas Originals 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

July 7th, 2011 | | | 3283 views by

Adidas has teamed up once more with the intergalactic franchise Star Wars with new jackets and kicks. The new collection and its promo-shoot focuses on scenes from the movie. So check it:

Han Solos’s jacket is a remake of the M65 Field Jacket and is creatively designed to look identical to his movie jacket.

Each shoe from the collection features the face and name of the four different characters on the tongue of the shoe, as shown above with Han Solo’s face and Millennium Falcon on the side of the shoe.

The Tauntaun’s jacket and shoes are my favorite part of the collection. The Tauntaun jacket features the Rogue Squadron and adidas logo as well.

The Tauntaun shoes are a remake of the classic Campus silhouette and have thread along the sides of the shoes and has a text that reads “Wampa” which replaces “Campus” (usually seen on this shoe) on the side of each pair of shoes.

Luke’s shoes look as if they were meant to be worn with the actual outfit from the movie! These shoes are very detailed and feature the classic adidas look also.