Starter x HUF Hawaiian Snapback Pack HUF-Hawaiian-Snapback-Pack-01

Starter x HUF Hawaiian Snapback Pack

April 4th, 2012 | | | 2862 views by

As brands start to get more comfortable playing with patterns other than just plaid, we can definitely expect to see even more variations following the same trend. Remember when hounds-tooth was all over the place? Color checkered shirts? We’re light years beyond that now. Think cultural prints like Navajo patterns or even Kente cloth. Think paisley. Think camouflage. Think leopard print. Think like HUF. Think floral!

The team over at HUF just let loose this sextuplet of floral snap backs in collaboration with Starter, and they’re perfect for Spring & Summer. They come in two styles, one called ‘Big H’ and the other ‘Classic Script.’ Both are modeled after Starter’s signature 6 panel snap back structure and both featuring three color ways.  (3 x 2 = 6. It’s mathematics.) For just $34 they’re available right now on HUF’s webstore. If the floral pattern plus the low price isn’t enough of a deal maker for you, take a look at the kelly green accent that peeks out from under the brim. Yeah, I know. You probably missed that. You’re welcome.