Step Up Your Denim Game With 883 Police Jeans 883 Police Jeans

Step Up Your Denim Game With 883 Police Jeans

March 1st, 2016 | | | 4011 views by

Today brings a new brand into the fold at Brotherhood, 883 Police Jeans. As you might have guessed from the name, the Italian brand specializes in all things denim including apparel. Started in 1995, 883 Police Jeans are inspired by timeless Italian craftsmanship and fused with classic Americana style. In the constantly evolving world of denim and fashion 883 Police’s philosophy is to continually design and develop exceptional innovations in denim, push the boundaries of our creative edge and interpret upcoming trends resulting in creative visions coming to life.

As you can see from the picture set above, 883 Police Jeans offer up a wide array of denim pieces along with its lifestyle apparel. Whether you’re looking for classic washed denim or a distressed look, 883 has that — and more. While jeans are the label’s forte, you can find denim applications on button-ups, jackets and more.

The apparel isn’t too shabby either. Items from joggers to hoodies and more are part of their seasonal offerings. You’ll even find some sharp cut and sew pieces like knit sweaters and vests in the range. With minimal branding and classic looks, 883 Police Jeans serve up ready-to-wear collections appealing to all styles.

Prices for the jeans range from $60 USD to $105 USD depending on the wash, etc. You can shop all the latest threads via the 883 Police Jeans online store.