STREET SNAPS: 36 street snap feature image


March 28th, 2013 | | | 3817 views by

We know you guys go crazy for our Street Snaps, whether it’s our boy Jeff getting out there with his camera or one of us on the team taking some pics for AHOODIE Looks. We always get crazy feedback, like someone standing too close to the speakers at karaoke, but we were truly flattered when Kyle and James, two guys from Queens, New York, sent over their own Street Snaps. Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we were certainly stoked to receive these. The lads have definitely got their fits locked down, so we knew we had to feature them and give them a full blown Street Snaps article. Gentleman, we salute you. Here’s what the guys are wearing:

Hat – Club Monaco
Vest – Garbstore
Jacket – Vintage
Thermal – Club Monaco
Chinos – Club Monaco
Boots – Danner’s for J.Crew
Hat – The Creeper
Parka – Dunderdon
Vest – J.Crew
Shirt – J.Crew
Pant – J.Crew
Socks – Etiquette x Le Berlinois
Boots – Danner’s

This submission got us thinking; why not feature more of our readers!?! If you want your sexy face and crazy clothes to appear on our coveted homepage, then all you’ve got to do is take some pictures of your favourite fit. Take a full length picture of yourself along with some close ups of your sneakers, jacket, watch etc. and send them over to [email protected]