STREET SNAPS: 37 image


April 11th, 2013 | | | 3191 views by

The Ahoodie crew is pumped to bring you this new edition of Street Snaps. We know y’all have mad love for the Street Snaps and our teams occasional Ahoodie Looks, we always get insane evaluations. This edition of Street Snaps came into existence while the crew was meandering around Texas, the dirty south if you will, and found the swole-up white Debo, Michael in some fresh threads. He is drippin’ swagu with some muscles to match, and as he said, “big guys gotta stay fly too.” We knew he was the right candidate and had to feature the Texas hard hitter in this Street Snaps article. Mike, hats off to you. Here’s what Michael is grindin’ on:

Sunglasses – Stefan Janoski “Glassy” Sunhaters
Shirt – Warp & Weft
Watch – Bape Edition G-Shock
Denim – Bullhead
Shoes- Supra Vaiders TUF & Gold Editions

The Ahoodie clique is now accepting submissions, we want to see what the readers are rockin’! If you want your face and fresh attire etched in the Ahoodie “Wall of Game”, then all you have to do is throw on your favorite wardrobe and send us some stills. These pictures should include a full length (head to toe)shot, along with close ups of your watch, jacket, shoes, etc., when your done shoot them over to the swag scientists at [email protected]