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Supra 9/11 Commemorative Pack

September 10th, 2011 | | | 1815 views by

Tomorrow marks the ten year anniversary of the terror attacks that toppled the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001.

I’m sure that many individuals remember what he or she was doing when given the news. At that time I was sixteen, watching the carnage of the second 767 jet collide with one of the two ‘Twin Towers’. The flames burning on the television screen stood in stark contrast to the sunlight blaring through the windows of my suburban high school.

The loss of thousands of innocent souls will never be forgotten, as long as men and women have the ability to convey history through the oral tradition. However, sometimes lore isn’t enough, and that’s where the artistic medium can provide the benefit of worthwhile expression. Supra has taken art and fashions ability to transcend verbal expression, and uses it in the creation of their 9/11 commemoration pack.

This commemorative pack features Supra’s Society and Skytop 2 models, respectively. Each shoe features somber tones of gray and black, with alternating wax laces. The color-blocking is on point, and Supra seems to have held no punches with the materials used in the creation of each model. Without going into extensive detail, the shoes feature nubuck, black kidskin leather, white honeycomb foxing on the midsole, and a gray outsole.

However, some of the greater details come in the form of a custom sock liner that reads ‘Never Forget’, and a hang tag specifically modeled after the NYFD. Only 413 pairs of both the Supra Society and Skytop 2 were created, so for those considering a purchase, he or she may want to buy them in the very near future (like now)! Proceeds of the Commemorative Society and Skytop 2 will be donated to charity, and both shoes are available for purchase on September 10, 2011 at select retailers, and or online.

Select Retailers

ENGLAND – ONE at Slam City Skates, London
FRANCE – Colette, Paris
FRANCE – SUPRA Paris, Paris
GERMANY – Solebox, Berlin
SCOTLAND – Hanon Shop, Aberdeen
SWEDEN – Sneakersnstuff, Stockholm
SWITZERLAND – Grand, Zurich
UNITED STATES – Factory 413, Los Angeles