Snap Up The New “Crocodile” Falcon from Supra Supra Falcon Crocodile

Snap Up The New “Crocodile” Falcon from Supra

October 10th, 2014 | | | 13236 views by

If Iceberg Slim was still alive and in the market for some mid-top sneakers then I think he would’ve found his perfect pair right here. Supra have taken the bold step to wrap arguably their most stylish and sleek silhouette, the Falcon, in an outlandish all-over gator design.

For those concerned about the welfare of animals, the Falcon Crocodile doesn’t feature genuine reptile hide, though it is constructed from premium leather – realistic enough to bring Steve Irwin back from the dead. As always, the shoe features padded heel and tongue sections which provide untold comfort when wearing. These are a must cop for all those Mick Dundees in the street.

The Supra – Falcon Crocodile is being released in strictly limited numbers and will be hitting the Supra online store this November.

So what do you make of these croc-inspired kicks? Let us know in the comments below.