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Terratag : ROBOT T-Shirts

August 9th, 2010 | | | 1092 views by

A lot of things in this world are open to interpretation, but one thing I know for a fact is that GIANT ROBOTS ARE COOL! I know this, because Tyler knows this. (Hang on a minute).

London based designers Terratag have got up close and personal with this glorious mechanical man and dropped this “Robosapien” tee. This Gundam-like print looks FRESH and I love the contrast of the white tee and the really vivid oranges and blues. A lot of their tops are heavily inspired by the robo-race so if they're your thing, definitely check out the rest of their line.

God, I hope I live long enough for these machines to be built. Only because I'm drooling over the prospect of a 3-way between this guy, Optimus Prime and Megazord from Power Rangers.

New pants please!

You can grab this tee for £20 from the Terratag site

Hit the jump for a close shot of the artwork