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The Hundreds x Hook-Ups Collection

February 19th, 2013 | | | 6942 views by

If you spent any time in the US skateboarding scene in the ’90s you undoubtedly remember the quirky, anime-inspired graphics from Jeremy Klein’s Hook-Ups. In that era Hook-Ups was one of the hottest brands you could find. The shirts had gorgeous graphics with eye catching art that bordered between punk and pervy. As with all trends, the popularity of the anime graphics faded, but the brand never went away. Fast forward almost 20 years and Los Angeles’ The Hundreds have dug through the crates to put together an unprecedented collaboration between The Hundreds and Hook-Ups.

The collection includes items that represent Hook-Ups’ heyday like stickers, buttons, t-shirts, hoodies and decks. The graphics in the collection retain that school girl-gone-wrong vibe that made the brand so popular while also incorporating some of The Hundreds’ distinct vibe in the form of the legendary Adam Bomb who get the Hook-Ups treatment on a tee and hoodie. Adam makes another appearance in the collection looking like the cheshire cat while a stylized Alice In Wonderland sits atop him with her jugs ready for milking (slide 12).

The Hundreds’ collaboration with Hook-Ups will be available at the brand’s flagship locations (THLATHSFTHNY and THSM) and select authorized retailers starting this Thursday, February 21st (the line will also be available through the Online Shop on Monday, February 25th).

Are we feeling any of the pieces in this one-of-a-kind collaboration? Does anybody remember the graphic pictured below? Hit us up in the comments.