new Purge Election Year trailer

The New Purge Election Year Trailer is Too Lit

May 19th, 2016 | | | 1869 views by

The new Purge Election Year trailer dropped today, and we’re more prepared to unleash the beast than ever. There’s plenty of new footage featured in this two-minute clip. One of our favorite parts has to be the fake commercial for the purge that begins the trailer. The shots of couples gazing into each other’s eyes is exactly the type of shit I want to see in a commercial reminding me to go out and kill for the night.

It’s also pretty awesome to see the new Purge Election Year trailer play up the movie’s tagline of “Keep America Great.” That tongue-in-cheek reference to Trump’s campaign is timely and brilliant. All that leads to me thinking it might have been worth the year’s wait for our latest installment of the Purge franchise. Last summer was noticeably Purge-free, but we’ll get that in check.

As far as the new trailer goes, the other highlights include more masks, plenty more blood and a fucking guillotine. That’s right, a guillotine (slide 3 below). How lit is it that for the third installment we’re getting medieval on that ass?

If you’re curious about the story, here’s what we know. The film takes place a few years after Purge: Anarchy with our hero Sergeant (Frank Grillo) working for politician Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), whose goal is to end the Purge altogether. Will they succeed? Do we even care as long as The Purge: Election Year is frightening af? Exactly.

Look for Election Year to hit theaters July 1. Don’t forget to take a look at the movie’s official poster below, which is also lit af.

new Purge Election Year trailer