The Nike Air Huarache is BACK

February 21st, 2013 | | | 1944 views by

After re-releasing classic runners like the Infrared Air Max 90, the Air Max 1 and 180 this year, Nike is blessing us with yet another rare treat, the OG Nike Air Huarache in two of its original colorways. Unlike the previously mentioned releases, these won’t come with any of the pre-worn vintage treatment that continues to polarize sneaker fiends across the globe. And there isn’t any sort of modernization going on here either, unlike last year’s Huarache Free release that still has us scratching our heads. To give you a little history on the Huarache, and why it’s such a popular model even 22 years after it’s release, we’ll turn to our friends from Size? — who also happens to be one of the retailers to carry these coveted runners.

“First released in 1991 at the height of the running heyday, the iconic runner was designed to mimic old Native American sandals by the same name.

The foot-hugging sock was the main focus and Nike weren’t going to hide that from anyone, and so they made sure that the final design showcased it off as much as possible. With a combination of stretchy neoprene and spandex, both materials that were heavily used at the time (maybe you can remember Mr. Motivator?), the sock literally hugged your foot supplying a ‘Huarache fit’. The fit was further complimented with a thermoplastic heel strap, which was presented in a full range of very bright colorways, just like the 90’s era itself.

It wasn’t just the upper that was new to Nike, the sole was molded to create as much cushioning as possible with flexible ridges along the forefront of the foot, similar to what we now see featured on silhouettes from the Nike Free series. With the Emerald Green/Gold colorway sitting upon a Free-soled hybrid last year, we now see two original colorways welcomed back for 2013, 22 years after they were last released.”

So there’s your history lesson AHOODERS. Now if you’re looking to grab a pair — or two — like us, then check out European retailers like Size? and Titolo this Friday, February 22, to grab a pair. And for our US readers, we expect these to make it to our shores in the coming weeks. Stick with AHOODIE and we’ll let you know where and when.