The Seventh Letter “Will Rise” Recap 8

The Seventh Letter “Will Rise” Recap

September 3rd, 2010 | | | 2575 views by

Photography by Nick Pittman

Wednesday night, Nick and I went to the opening night for the Seventh Letter at the Yves La Roche Gallery in Montreal. If you’re not familiar with the Seventh Letter, we did a post on their “F*ck Your Blog” shirt almost a year ago. Although, I feel that we wouldn’t be paying enough homage to these artists by just referring to an old post on something as whimsical as a t-shirt.

If you don’t know The Seventh Letter, the last time you probably heard about them was on Maestro Know’s video capsules on their expo in LA, but they go back quite a bit. Even before Google was invented! Norm, Revok, Push, Retna, Reyes and Pose were the ones representing the Seventh Letter crew at Yves Laroche that night.

The pieces featured go completely beyond the expectations of what the Average Joe would expect out of an exhibit presented by graffiti artists. The fact that the pieces were presented on canvas in comparison to walls might be something that people would be alienated by. Their methods  remain the same, but they elements from fine arts such as silkscreens.  This helps to blur the lines between what some may call “high brow art” and graffiti. It was really an eye opening experience for anybody not familiar with the limitless boundaries of contemporary art being pushed.

Here are some of the photos of the evening taken by Nick Pittman. In the last shot, you can catch Norm signing some of his prints.

We will be posting a video very soon!