Tutorial: How To Make A Ahoodie Avatar (Bape Style Cartoon Character) PART 3 Nate's AVATAR! Part 3

Tutorial: How To Make A Ahoodie Avatar (Bape Style Cartoon Character) PART 3

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In part 3 and 4 of the Ahoodie avatar tutorial we’re going to learn how to customize and finalize our characters. This final touch will set the tone of your avatar to make it more dynamic and give it a personality.

So now that you’ve drawn the face in part 1 and learned to complete it with a body in part 2, the next thing you want to do is fix that cool guy with some swag kicks. This part is not rocket surgery but you do need some basic drawing skills to get some decent kicks on your avatar.

First, make a new layer and call it “shoes”. On that layer, draw the contour of one shoe with the pen tool (Step 1). You want the shoe outline to have about a 25º angle to give your avatar dimension (make it look a bit 3d). Use the same “stroke weight” that you used for the rest of your avatar.

Once you have the outline (with no fill color), select the shape with the black curser, copy and repaste it. Take that duplicate shape, fill it with a color (now this shape will have no stroke color [no contour]) and then send this shape to back (right click > arrange > send to back). Place it properly under your outline.  (Step 2)


Now on to the laces and other details. I recommend starting with a basic kick by just adding a black line at the bottom of the shoe that stays parallel to the sole line  (Step 3). Then, still with the pen tool, draw a little line for the first lace. With the black cursor (shortcut V) select the lace line. Once it is selected go over your line and hold “alt”, a white cursor should appear under your black cursor. Then, drag the lace to where you want your second lace to be positioned. Now that you have two laces you’re going to want to repeat the step you just did (automatically) so that you have a total of five lace lines or more on your shoe. To do that go to “Object > Transform > Transform Again” (or shortcut “Ctrl + D”). If some of the laces are placed in a too linear kind of way you can select them with the black cursor and move them where ever you want  (Step 4). Then I added a little round ellipse using the elipse tool to give it a Converse type of look.  (Step 5)

Simple enough? If you feel like you’re experienced enough to draw a more complicated shoe you can try customizing it how ever you desire. Have fun! Here’s a pic of the kick I designed for Nate’s avatar:

Once your left kick is designed you’ll want to select it and then use the reflect tool and copy flip it on the vertical axis to get your right kick.


You might want to select both kicks with all their details using the black curser and hitting “Ctrl + G” or going to Object > Group. This will take all your shoe elements and stick them together so that you don’t loose some details on your kicks when your moving them around your work area. Now every time you’ll select an element on your shoe, both of them will be selected along with every element in the group. To ungroup simply go to Object > Ungroup or “Ctrl + Shift + G”.

Now that you have both kicks, make sure your “shoe” layer is over your body later on the layer palette. If it is under, simply click and drag it up.

Then simply grab your kicks and move them to their right emplacement on the body of your avatar.

Part 4 will feature more details such as the watch, bracelet, baseball cap and other accessories. I hope this tutorial #3 will calm you guys down to stop emailing me about it for at least a week or two…

PART 4 coming soon.

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