Undefeated S/S 2011 – Delivery 2 Undefeated Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook - Delivery 2

Undefeated S/S 2011 – Delivery 2

March 29th, 2011 | | | 1098 views by

I showed you guys Delivery 1 of this dope collection, now it’s time for Round 2.

The new drop carries the same modernized, urban street motif in these pieces. Included are a couple of polos, some tees, track jackets, sweatshorts, and two hoodies. There is a sweatshirt and sweatshort, while not in the same outfit in the lookbook, have the same branding and colors, so they might be part of a set, who the hell knows. Hues of orange and red are also present. The tees in this delivery seem to use a sleeve cuff. To me, it’s the small things in life that count (like that time my aunt won 3 million dollars playing lotto and transfered 100 Gs to my savings account. You know, the small things.), and I usually appreciate the sleeve cuff more than the actual tee, that’s always a plus (I know, I’m weird). One of the polos use the University style that many brands are adopting right now, incorporating a varsity letter-styles “U” in a blue and red color scheme. This polo is my favorite of the bunch, not only for the chest, but also for the contrasting white collar with blue and red stripes against the grey cotton. Another piece to look for in the pics below is the blue and grey hoodie, it has a big Undefeated logo on the side of the hood, which is something you don’t normally see and that I feel should be done more. Well maybe not, because then it would be overplayed. Like I said, I don’t frickin’ know.

What I do know though is that college chicks are hornier than a 13 year old trying to watch a p0rn0 on a blocked channel. That being said, I really need to go to college… Check the pictures below as usual, they’re worth a peek.