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Have Your Cake And Eat It With The Versain – Volume 1 Collection

September 9th, 2015 | | | 5470 views by

Making clothes is a lot like trying to pull women. You can wait until the end of the night and prey on drunk chicks (we don’t condone this, by the way), or you can be a real boss and use your charm and wit to entice the fairer sex. That’s the exact philosophy expressed by Scotland-based Versain when creating their Volume 1 Collection.

It’s easy to cheap-out and slap your graphics all over a whack Fruit of the Loom tee that loses its shape after one wash, but if your t-shirts don’t last longer than a week, how do you expect to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Each item bought from Versain is made from their exact specifications, so you know you’ve got some good quality garments in your possession. It’s like my old pal Stringer Bell says: “Product, motherf*ckers“.

We spoke to Pablo, Creative Directer of Versain for some insight on the brands ideology –

Our inspiration comes from just everyday life, all the sh*t we like and hate, the experiences we’ve been through and so on. For example, our “Blow Me” tee was a funny way of expressing how sick it is to get head on your birthday”.

You cant say fairer than that. The Versain – Volume 1 Collection is available to pre-order through their webstore now.