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VIDEO: Watch Back To The Future in 60 seconds

February 27th, 2013 | | | 620 views by

Back To The Future might just be one of the most important films in the world of Ahoodie, and not just because of the giant speaker Marty blows up in the beginning — although that doesn’t hurt. Maybe it’s the Delorean? Maybe it’s the Air Mags? Or maybe it’s the Hoverboard in Part 2? Whatever it is, Back To The Future has gotten a lot of play around here, and we’ve found yet another reason to discuss this Michael J. Fox classic.

This time we’ve got the creative minds at 1A4 Studio from Moscow to thank. Their talented team of nerds animators took the 116-minute opus and shortened it down to a mere 60 seconds. Think they can’t fit all the action in within a minute? We’ll tell you what we told our girlfriends when asked the same question, “Watch us try.”

We’re not giving away any spoilers here, but if you’re hoping for a really fast rendition of Huey Lewis’ ‘Power of Love,’ we’ll have to refer you to YouTube. No Huey Lewis here, just lolz. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.