Why Ahoodie Will “NOT” Make You A Custom Avatar Ahoodie Avatars

Why Ahoodie Will “NOT” Make You A Custom Avatar

September 7th, 2011 | | | 4610 views by

This is a short clip that shows just how incredibly awesome I am much work goes into making one little high quality vector Ahoodie avatar. Some avatars can take up to 10 hours to design depending on how much detailing goes into it and how drunk I am.

We get about 50 emails a week from people asking us for a free custom avatar. Not mentioning the 256 people that pop up on Facebook chat the second I go online to say hi to my mom. Now you have a better idea why we turn so many of you down.

Also seen in the video is a sneak peak of what one of our vector documents with all the logos of your favorite brands look like. We use those logos for our articles but mostly for the wallpapers.