WOODKID ‘I Love You Video’ & Interview woodkid-i-love-you

WOODKID ‘I Love You Video’ & Interview

February 16th, 2013 | | | 2633 views by

Parisian video director and musician Woodkid is back with another video, and it’s just as grand as you’d come to expect any work from this guy to be. Like ‘Run Boy Run’ (and really all his other videos), ‘I Love You’ is a black and white myriad of captivating scenes and breathtaking landscapes to the tune of equally dramatic drums and orchestral sounds. It’s sure to please both the eye and the ear, but don’t rack your brain trying to decipher a meaning behind the visual metaphors. Highsnobiety snagged him up for an interview in which he halfway admits to being over-funded and purposefully vague in his directing, not just in this video but in his entire body of work. Check out both the music video and the interview below and let us know what you think of the guy in the comments section. Talented artist or total douche lord?