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Yes No Maybe X New Era: Material World Caps

December 19th, 2010 | | | 1763 views by

The fundamental error that two of the three little pigs made when building their houses was picking the wrong materials. Needless to say the wolf never did get his bacon sandwich thanks to the smart little oinker that built his house out of bricks, but they ran a mightily close game. Why am I starting an article on Ahoodie with a children’s story you might be wondering? I felt it was important to demonstrate that the right materials can win and lose you the game. That’s why I was uber impressed with Yes No Maybe’s latest collaboration with dominators of the cap universe, New Era.

The Material World collection consists of three caps; one wool, one wicker and one concrete. “Damn that last one must be heavy”, I said to myself when I first laid eyes on them, but I’d been tricked. The caps are made to look like their intended materials using a rather impressive photorealistic print that’ll lead people to believe you have incredibly strong neck muscles if you rock the concrete one. You know what they say, ladies: A Girthy Neck means………

The combination of material foolery with New Era’s renowned style adds up to create an instant urban classic and they’re even more clever than the masks Indian farmers wear to stop themselves getting eaten by tigers! Madonna once sang “You know that we’re living in a material world/and I am a material girl”. Guess that Kabbalah-loving old prune was right about something!

Grab all 3 Material World Caps from the YNM store.